The River Bottom Writers

About Us

The River Bottom Writers started after a few of the founding members took a writing course at the Lethbridge College. Finding that they wanted to continue learning and perfecting their craft, they decided to continue meeting after the course ended.

Starting in the Spring of 2012, a small group of writers met in the atrium of the Lethbridge College.  New members joined and the group continued to grow. Finding the public space inadequate,  the group moved several times over the years until coming full circle back to the starting point.

The inspiration for our name comes from the fertile soil found by most rivers that encourages growth and nurturing to new and developed plants. Much like the river's soil, we strive to grow and nurture each other to better ourselves in the written word.

We meet every Thursday at 7pm in the Richardson Oilseed Room at the Lethribdge College.

Open to the public, all forms of writing are welcome!